Report on CO2 Emission 2021/2022

The CO2 Emission Report for the fiscal year 2021.10.01–2022.09.30 for both Safe Sterilization ApS and Scantago A/S is now available.

The environment and climate impact is a high priority at Safe Sterilisation ApS, which means that we take responsibility for reducing our climate footprint and contributing to better biodiversity.

We have taken further steps to reduce our environmental and climate impact by heating our new headquarters with geothermal heating and heat pumps and getting sustainable electricity from our supplier. In addition, we plan to implement solar panels on the building.
In addition, we have established rainwater collection from roof surfaces, rainwater that we use to flush toilets - expected savings of approx. > 70 m3 annually.
We also focus on the biodiversity of our outdoor areas, we have established a couple of small ponds, which we hope will become biotopes for amphibians etc. and insects, the preliminary conclusion is that we seem to have succeeded - as we have a lot of swallows catching insects in the area.
In May 2024, the area was planted with native plants such as willow, buckthorn, oak, beech and hawthorn bushes, as well as grass and flower seed mix.

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