Chemical indicators for wash disinfectors


The chemical indicators (STF Load check), provided by Safe Sterilization ApS, are designed for process control of the efficiency of wash disinfectors cleaning effect of surgical/dental instruments. The chemical indicators verify that your wash disinfector can effectively clean instruments and equipment.

Product description

The chemical indicators have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the DS/EN ISO 15883-5 standard.

The chemical indicator verifies the cleaning effect of the dishwasher. The indicators have 4 red fields with test material (the red material on the indicator), 2 on each side. The test material consists of different types of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides. This test material must be completely removed from the indicator for the cleaning process to be approved.


The chemical indicators are used daily to verify the wash disinfector´s cleaning effect. It is verification of the critical parameters: time, temperature, and penetration of water and detergent.

It is recommended to use indicators during each cleaning process in the wash disinfector, to ensure the process is effective and the risk of contamination is minimized. At the end of the wash cycle, the indicators are removed and visually inspected as to no residual test material remains on the indicator.

Please refer to our User guide for the product here on this website.

Storage, durability, and disposal

Store at temperatures between 0-30°C, dry and protected from direct sunlight.

Expiration date is stated on the product packaging. Never use an expired indicator.

Discard as normal waste.

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Item no.

2315 Load Check Indicator 100/box

2316 Load Check Holder 1/box