Recommendations for general practice

Process indicators (e.g. autoclave tape) must be used for all sterilization processes.

It is recommended to control the sterilization process at least once a day using chemical indicator/multivariable chemical indicator.

Biological indicators should be used at regular intervals every 3 months and after repair.

After any repair, the sterilization process must be verified using biological indicators. The repaired autoclave/dry sterilizer should only be used when the sterilization process has been tested and approved.
If using a temporary autoclave/dry sterilizer, the sterilization process must be verified using biological indicators, with satisfactory results before using the equipment.

Please refer to NIR for General Practice, Denmark only: link

Safe Sterilization recommends the following subscription plan:

  • C subscription (1 set of biological indicators is sent every 3 months/4 set annually)

When it is time to test, Safe sends you a set of biological indicators. Read more here.