User guide for biological indicators


Upon receipt, open the envelope and remove the biological indicators.

Verify that the information on the individual labels is correct.

Note the actual test date on the labels.

Check on the labels where each biological indicator should be placed. Note on the labels if you change the location of the biological indicators in the sterilizer.

IMPORTANT: Never open the biological indicators.


The biological indicators are placed where it is most difficult for the steam to penetrate in the goods in the autoclave, or where the heat has the greatest difficulty at penetrating the goods in the dry heat sterilizer. Optionally, place the biological indicators in different types of containers (cassettes/autoclave bags).

Sterilization time by the most used methods

Perform a normal sterilization program with instruments in the sterilizer.

For autoclaving with saturated water vapor

121°C for a minimum of 15 min.
134°C for a minimum of 3 min.

For dry sterilization with heat

160°C for a minimum of 2 hours.
170°C for a minimum of 1 hour.
180°C for a minimum of ½ hour.

It is important that the sterilization time is counted from the time the specified temperature has been achieved in the sterilizer.

After sterilization

Remove the biological indicators from the sterilizer.

Replace the biological indicators in the same envelope in which they were received. Remove the instruction manual and tape protection to close the envelope and return the envelope to Safe Sterilization.

To shorten the response time, please hand in the envelope at your local Postal Office.

As soon as Safe Sterilization has the result of your test, you will receive a certificate via email. It is possible to get the result by mail for an additional fee.