Chemical indicators for dry heat sterilization


The chemical indicators, provided by Safe Sterilization ApS, are designed for process control of dry sterilizers in terms of temperature and time.

These should be used as a process indicator at least once a day or when using the dry sterilizer. The chemical indicators show that the critical parameters of time and temperature are met during the sterilization process.

Chemical indicators are complementary to biological indicators. Biological indicators should be used to verify the killing effect of the sterilization process on microorganisms.

Product description

The chemical indicators are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the DS/EN ISO 11140-1 Class 6 standard.

The chemical indicator contains a heat sensitive dye (indicator) that changes colour when exposed to the correct combination of temperature and time in a dry sterilizer. When the chemical indicator is placed in cassettes, the indicator will confirm that the heat has penetrated to the location where the indicator is located.


Anvendelse af kemiske indikatorer dokumenterer, at de kritiske parametre (tid/temp.) er opnået. Derfor skal du anbringe de kemiske indikatorer på de steder, som du anser for mest vanskelige at sterilisere. Følger der en vejledning i egenkontrol med dit udstyr, så følg den.

The chemical indicators are used alongside equipment to be sterilized and can be placed in cassettes (if used). The placements should be as close to everyday use as possible. 

If the chemical indicator does not change colour from red to green after exposure to a sterilisation process, the cause of this must be clarified and corrected. Please consult the manual you received along with your equipment. After troubleshooting your equipment, repeat the test with chemical indicator.

Hvis du ikke kan afhjælpe problemet selv, kan Safe hjælpe dig med kontakt til en uvildig servicemontør.


The chemical indicator is used for the following combinations of temperature and time:

  • 160°C for 2 hours
  • 170°C in 65 min.
  • 180°C in 35 min.

When the sterilization process is completed, the chemical indicator should be read immediately for proper colour change.

When exposed to dry heat, the indicator will change colour from red to yellow and finally green. A correct change of colour indicates that the physical parameters have been achieved.

Please refer to our User guide for the product here on this website.

Storage, durability, and disposal

The chemical indicators must be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably refrigerated and below 21°C, otherwise the function can be reduced.

Used indicators should be kept as documentation of tests performed. Storage must be cool and dark (no sunlight/daylight) and discarded chemical indicators can be disposed of as glass waste.

Expiration date for the chemical indicators is indicated on the box. Never use an expired indicator.

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