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Safe Sterilization ApS was established in 1993 by Mr. Verner Vedstesen, inspired partly by a study published in 1988 by Flemming Scheutz (Microbiologist, MSc, PhD) and Jesper Reinholdt (Dentist). The study entitled "Do the autoclaves sterilize at the Danish dental clinics?". It concluded that periodic control of the sterilization process was needed.
At the same time, a general awareness had risen on the fact, that non-sterile instruments could be a possible source of infection for certain life-threatening diseases such as HIV and infectious hepatitis.

Verner Vedstesen envisioned a service concept to make it easy for clinics to verify and document their sterilization processes.

Verner Vedstesen had set up a department for sterilization and control of medical devices, under the expert guidance of engineer Lars Berth.

With Verner Vedstesen’ knowledge and network and his wife Ulla Vedstesen’ knowledge in microbiology as a MSc in Food Science, Safe Sterilization took shape in the early 1990s.

As the second generation, Jette Lykke Vedstesen took over the ownership of Safe Sterilization in 2006.

Safe Sterilization ApS is today owned by PharmProTech Holding ApS.

Initially, the customer group consisted primarily of dentists, but Safe Sterilization quickly became aware of other sectors of the healthcare industry needing this service.