Recommendations for dentists

Process indicators (e.g. autoclave tape) must be used for all sterilization processes.

At least daily, sterilization is checked using chemical indicators in the form of multivariable chemical indicator, Helix test or Bowie & Dick (B&D).

At least every 3 months, the sterilization process is verified using biological indicators. If more than 200-400 sterilization cycles are run per quarter, tests with biological indicators should be more frequently (once a month).

After any repair, the sterilization process must be verified using biological indicators. The repaired autoclave should only be used when the sterilization process has been tested and approved.
If using a temporary autoclave/dry sterilizer, the sterilization process should be verified using biological indicators with satisfactory results before using the equipment.

If one or more biological indicators have growth, a new test with biological indicators must be performed.

If there is continued growth in one or more of the biological indicators, please have your autoclave serviced and repaired.

Please refer to NIR for Dental Clinics, Denmark only: Link.

Safe Sterilization recommends the following subscription plan:

  • A subscription (1 set of biological indicators is sent every month/12 set annually)
  • C subscription (1 set of biological indicators is sent every 3 months/4 set annually)

When it is time to test, Safe sends you a set of biological indicators. Read more here.