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Report on CO2 Emission 2021/2022

The CO2 Emission Report for the fiscal year 2021.10.01–2022.09.30 for both Safe Sterilization ApS and Scantago A/S is now available.

We are pleased to observe that our total emission of CO2 has decreased by 5.97 % compared to the previous fiscal year 2020/2021.

Sustainability and the climate impact have high priority for Safe Sterilization ApS and Scantago A/S, which means that we take responsibility for reducing our climate imprint. 

The next step on the road to reducing our climate imprint is our future domicile, which will have a ground source heat pump system and solar panels implemented on the building as well. Finally, we want to focus on the biodiversity of the outdoor areas surrounding our new domicile.

Report available here