Recommendations for the healthcare sector

Prevent infection risk: sterilization aims to prevent the spread of infection in both patients and clinic staff


In Denmark, the Central Unit for Infectious Hygiene has developed national infectious guidelines also called NIR.

The guidelines are aimed at the healthcare sector including general practitioners, dentists, private nurses and more.


NIR contains recommendations regarding procedures and handling of medical devices. The recommendations are intended to clarify for the individual practitioner or clinic what is needed to ensure the desired quality of hygiene. NIR is based on scientific publications, international guidelines, legal requirements, and the sector's best practice.
Please consult your national healthcare authorities for specific guidelines for your clinic.

Own control of sterilisations process

It is important to note, that an autoclave/dry sterilizer requires some monitoring to operate properly. Establishing procedures at your clinic for controlling the sterilization process ensures it is working as intended. New autoclaves and dry sterilizers are outfitted with automatic monitoring, but external process control is still recommended as to ensure the measurement accuracy.

Specific industry recommendation, Denmark only:


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