Update on NIR

In connection with the new update that has appeared in NIR in May 2019, Safe addresses the following:

A subscription is continuous, that is, you commit for one year at a time, as shown by our Terms. It is therefore only possible to change (downgrade) your subscription from 12 x annually, to a minimum of 4 x annually* at the end of the subscription expiration. It is possible to subscribe to the new subscription now, but it will not take effect until the current subscription expires.

If the sterilizer has operation stop and after repair, additional tests must be used. These can be purchased from Safe.

For the use of chemical indicators, please note that an update has been provided in the NIR (pp. 44-45)** which means that a different type of chemical indicator must be used if your autoclave has pre-vacuum. Please note this when ordering chemical indicators.

Comment on *:

Please note that if you have more than 200-400 runs per quarter, your autoclave should be tested with biological indicators more often than every quarter. (NIR p. 32) Safe recommends that all runs are recorded in e.g. a logbook.

Comment on **:

When using multivariable chemical indicators to control e.g. temperature, pressure and time:

The test is carried out on all the programs used at the clinic.

  • The indicators are placed in different places in the autoclave in the most accessible places for steam and in the different types of packaging used (e.g. in cassettes, wrapped and between instruments)
  • The autoclave is packed and run as usual
  • The indicators shall be checked immediately after emptying the autoclave

Using chemical indicators such as Bowie &Dick test or Helix (hollow tube test):

The test is carried out daily before today's programme in an empty heated steam autoclave according to the manufacturer's/supplier's instructions.

  • The indicator can be for single or multiparameter measurement but must fit the process
  • The test is carried out on all the programs used at the clinic
  • The indicator is checked immediately after testing the autoclave

Safe Sterilization can, on request, deliver a spiral back logbook in A4 format, the price is 85,- DKK/piece including shipping in Denmark.